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Keith Brawner currently works in the simulation industry for the DoD, before, during, and after getting a Masters in Intelligent Systems. Sadly, he is not yet a Doctor.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Topic of the Day - AI in Education

It is no secret - I have applied for a job working for the US Army, in RDECOM Orlando.  As part of 'spinning up', I am reading roughly 1 paper/day on the subject of AI in Education hopes of starting work with an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) project.

As such, I'm afraid a bunch of the research papers summarized after this post will be in the AI-ED domain, although I'll try to spice things up with the occasional Neural Networks paper.

More information on AI in Eduction can be found below:
Journal of AI in Education
AI in Education 2009 Conference
Tenth International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems

My personal keep-track of AI-EDU papers, here.

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