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Keith Brawner currently works in the simulation industry for the DoD, before, during, and after getting a Masters in Intelligent Systems. Sadly, he is not yet a Doctor.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Administrative BS and Format

Yes, eventually this site will have some actual content.  Since I intend on doing this on a fairly regular basis, I figure that I will try to follow a formula.  If the formula sucks, I'll change it.  I'll try to keep it a bit on the snarky, and a bit on the short.

SECTION 1 - What is going on in my life.

SECTION 2 - Brief summary of what the paper is setting out to prove (Neural networks are an awesome construct of computing, etc.)

SECTION 3 - Any important field aspects of the paper (description of new Neural Network model that they are using, etc.)

SECTION 4 - What the paper accomplishes (Neural Networks changed the field of image recognition).

SECITON 5 - Why it matters, why you care (if it matters, if you care...)

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