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Keith Brawner currently works in the simulation industry for the DoD, before, during, and after getting a Masters in Intelligent Systems. Sadly, he is not yet a Doctor.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog down! Blog down!

As you will no doubt have notice after I point it out, there hasn't been any activity on this blog for quite some time.

My current projects are:
1 - Continued work for the for the Army Research Lab: 5+ pending publications this year and counting, not to mention 3 studies, and 10 months left in the year.
2 - Pursuit of PhD and development of AI programs, currently in the realm of unsupervised student state assessment, and future state predictions from sparse tagging.
3 - Development of an iPad app with my cousin, Michael.
4 - Travel to Europe in 2 weeks.
5 - Learning financial literacy for extreme saving and early retirement.  My wife and I should approach the 50% total savings rate next month.

I am only one man, and the blog which produces no income, provides no writing outlet (see published papers, and 2 lit review this summer),  and costs energy/time is just no longer worth it.

I may return some day, update my excuse list, but it is probably true that I can generally occupy my own time.

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